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GetActiveSheetId using Navigation API

hi community,

today I came across the following issue: how to get active sheet id in Qlik Sense. 
As you know - the old famous function GetActiveSheetId() is not available in QS. The only way is to:
A. copy paste it manually from the URL
B. use extension to write it down into a variable.
As I did not find any extension able to do this I asked people around - @Riley McDonald was the one who helped me out to implement it - MANY THANKS Riley!

If you are interested in  using it:
- import the extension
- open your QS app and create a variable vSheetId
- drag and drop the extension on every sheet where you want to use active sheet id
- use the following syntax in the extension bject or in any other object on the sheet: ='$(vSheetId)'
- keep in mind: this extension is invisible in analysis mode, but visible in edit mode.

Enjoy 🙂

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zip file


Hi Denis!@did

THX for the prompt support concerning my request !  Also shout outs/ big thx goes to @Riley McDonald !  How about expanding the java shell with a 2nd var APPID() to make it complete ? 

To read the user-id we can use the still existing function osuser(), right ?

Hope there are no plans on side QLIK to kick the last os-system-var out of QLIK Sense , too 🙂  still wondering why that kind of senseful system-vars has been kicked out since qlik-view

Otherwise a third auto-var like "userid" would make sense within your extension (just to be on the safe side).

At the moment i use UPPER(SubField(osuser(), 'Id=',2)) to read my userId.

  • Further last idea would be a lookup function, which takes a look within a certain table and column for the exisiting entry of a combined key like appid()&sheetid()&userid()
  • corresponding parameters for the func should be : (tablename,columname_key)
  • return codes/RC for the func could be 
    • -1 (meaning:  called table does not exist)
    • -2 (meaning: called columname_key does not exist
    • 1 (meaning: allowed/auth. entry found within the table)
    • 2 (meaning: found nothin' /would mean key doesnt exist/no auth!
  • in case of  returning RC=2  when calling the func , the creation /bringing up a popup-Window messaging "no authorization" would be awesome!

Lesson Learnt for me : it would at last be time to learn how to program java 🙂 so at that point Riley is a god 🙂

Question to @Riley McDonald just to calm down our admin when i must ask him to import the new extension ...my company is "Fort Knox" concerning extensions as Dennis already could experience 🙂 

New Java-Script/extension should have the same logic  used within qlik view ?

Unless the used api-names  won't change with an release update , that extension should run/be stable until the rest of days , which would be my asumption and understanding of the script?



Hi Michael,

This extension is very simple, but I doubt that it will function "until the rest of days" because we don't know  how APIs and Java Script will be like in the future. This extension is a quick & dirty answer to the needs and questions raised at your side recently.

You posed lot of good questions regarding this GetActiveSheetID-Extension. As I am not able to answer them I would recommend to use a proper extension  Riley posted recently in git - https://github.com/rileymd88/qwik-variable/releases/download/v0.0.1/qwik-variable.zip . With Riley's extension you have 2 main guarantees which you don't have with the extension posted here: 1. git is proper platform for extensions; 2 Riley is a proper developer able to make changes.