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How can i know if a user has acess to a mashup using a repository API GET?


In QLIK i configured my user access rules for my mashups, does anyone know if i can use a GET method from repository API to know if a certain user has acess to a certain mashup. Another way would be retrieve the list of users that has acess to the mashup? From my knowledge there is no method on ROOT API to perform this verification,

Thanks in advance

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Perhaps with the Get audit rules matrix method: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/April2018/Subsystems/RepositoryServiceAPI/Content/Reposi...

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Didn't know that you could configure access rules for mashups, could you please share how you did that?

The only support for calling QRS REST Api in qlik.js/Capabilities API's is the callRepository method. It helps you with the actual call and simplifies the call, but you need to know the actual REST call and provide it as a parameter.

Erik Wetterberg