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Contributor III

Is there an REST API for App Variables?



I know in Qlik Application Automation there is the Qlik Cloud Services blocks category there is a block to update variable in the app.  Is there an REST API endpoint i can use to use this same feature outwith Qlik, ie Postman or MS Power Automate?  


I have tried looking at the APIs | Qlik Developer Portal and Get started with the Variable API | Qlik Developer Portal but cant get it to work for me.

GET -- {tenent_url}/apps/{appID}/variables    > to list variables but nothing


Thanks in advance.

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You need to go through the engine API to update variables. That API is based on JSON-RPC over websockets, so you can't do this with a REST call. The endpoint you are looking for is this:


Please feel free to add your vote to any ideas relating to this in ideation, we do have REST support for app objects on our roadmap so your vote helps us prioritize which topics we target first.