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Is there any way to inscribe a "connection map" into the app development program of Qlik?

This map here is basically what I am going for. It looks like a Qlik map, just looking for more information on how to go about installing these graphics with our own coordinates and interactive capabilities. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.14.27 PM.png

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Hi Forrest,

Your question is : how can i implement this kind of map inside Qlik Sense ?

From my point of view Qlik Sense can't make those kinds of map with default map, you can only create a map with one layer : Filling (gradient color) or  Symbol (proportionnal).

You will need an extension that allows you to create several layer with different representation.

As far as i can see you have 4 layers :

- Filling for the state

- Proportionnal Pie chart for the city

- Flow between those cities

- Heatmap or more like a wms layer on the top of the map

I know one extension that can help you to create this map but it's not a free tool : Articque MAP


It exists other extension like : QlikMaps or GeoQlik.

But for your need you must use an extension or create it yourself.