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Issue while using Custom Climber Report Extension

Hello Team,

I was running Custom Climber Report extension on QlikSense with June 2019 version. IT was working fine. But when i upgraded it to QlikSense September 2019 version, Custom Climber report stop showing export icon and cross sign on selected Dimension and Measure. Does anyone faced this issue before?

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Hi Nikhilgarg,

Feel free to email us at support@vizlib.com, one of our agents can help you resolve this quickly 😀

This extension is now called the Vizlib Custom Report, this is the latest supported version and it is available to download from our website now! I'm running the latest version of the Vizlib Custom report on QS Sept 2019 and it looks good to me. We're able to provide support for an extension downloaded from our website, so if you have a version from us, we're here to help 😎



Piers Batchelor

Product Architect @Vizlib