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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Java SSE: Some parameter values provided to the SSE method are empty

Dear community,

I am developing a Java-based Server-Side Extension in Qlik Sense Desktop April 2018 and am facing a strange behaviour in the SSE.

The SSE is called "mySSE", is based on the example Java SSE provided in the Qlik git repository and the function is "myFunc(String s)" with only one String parameter.

My Qlik Sense App contains a table "Customer" with the dimension "CustomerID" (String). I have created a simple visualization extension with a button that creates a new hypercube with the dimension "CustomerID" and the expression "mySSE.myFunc(CustomerID)". 

The SSE simply reads all received bundledRows and prints them to the console via System.out.println( row.getDuals(0).getStrData()); and returns the same bundledRows back again.

I can successfully create the hypercube and call the mySSE.myFunc(..) and also see some console output on the Java side.

My problem:

The majority of CustomerIDs are being printed to the console correctly, but some of them are being printed as empty Strings (they are not null). In the Qlik Sense App I have created a diagram-table with the dimension "CustomerID" and can see all of the CustomerIDs, but some of them are being received by the SSE as empty Strings (they are not null).

Thanks for reading 🙂

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