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Publishing an app using the .Net API - why not working?


I do the following:

1. Create an application (using CreateAppAsync)

2. Import the application from a .qvf file (using ImportAppAsync) - this gives me the app ID.

3. Get the ID of the stream to publish to (using GetStreamListAsync and then enumerating the result until the Name matches the name of the one I want)

4. Publish the application (using PublishAppAsync)

In step (4) PublishAppAsync returns false and the app is not published.

There are no other errors/exceptions or clues to why the app was not published.

The user I am logged in with can do this using the QMC UI no problem, so I assume not a security issue.

Its qlik sense server

Any ideas?

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A mistake there - I get the app ID in step (1) not (2)

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ImportAppAsync, GetStreamListAsync and PublishAppAsync are not public APIs. You should use the REST APIs.

Best regard

Lars-Göran Book

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Thanks Lars-Goran

I am getting to the conclusion that the Rest API is the way to go, not just for this, but other things too. I keep getting to dead ends, for example, I am also trying to copy apps, and this is similarly blocked by the need to use the REST API to get the application objects to copy.

There is nothing in the documentation that marks these items as 'not public'. If they are not intended to be used then this should be indicated in the documentation - maybe it is and I missed it?


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Yes it is confusing, the documentation for the next release.

The following API in the .Net SDK should not be used:








These APIs have an equivalent REST APIs that should be used.

GetStreamListAsync should works fine with the .Net SDK.

Best Regards

Lars-Göran Book