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Qik Sense Enterprise Qlik-multi-kpi extension everyday disappearing

Dear All,

We have problem with qlik-multi-kpi extension.  If we doing an update than we are loosing anytime this extension. But after zipping its directory from visualisation bundle and reimporting in QMC it works again till next update. Now we updated our system to may 2021 patch 2  and now it is disappearing every day and writes to its installerlog file the following lines: 

Error: POST /qrs/extension/upload?privileges=true&pwd=&xrfkey=4yAjqKO6JQCbPLow: 400
Error: Bad request


How can i repair this extension?

I tried to go back may2021 main update and remove the extensions and  reinstall in  "Qlik Sense object bundle  in control pane/program and features" but it not helps. There have to be some incompatibility or something , or with qlik own registry  i don't know.


Do you have any tool to remove and reinstall correctly or repair this extension?


Thanks in advance!

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