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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Integration with Python


Actually, I made an Application the gives the report of defective items and their reasons for a defect in form of an excel sheet.

That Application is made in "python" and at the end, I want to use that excel sheet and provide a dashboard of the data using qlik.

So is there any way to integrate the qlik with my application. SO I don't have to load manually by myself. the report will generate automatically.



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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Shubham

Well you can use Qlik Advanced Analytics Integration to process your data on Python server and then further load the data to Qlik.

Check this out : Introducing Qlik Advanced Analytics Integration


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Shubham,

The primary reason one would want to integrate a python application into QlikSense is so that Users can interact with the python application from Qlik's U.I.

For example: You want a dashboard to display python calculations, based on a user's inputs. The inputs get passed back to the Python application and get calculated, and return to alter your visualizations.

If that is what you need I would refer to Sushants links.

To me it sounds like you are using python to create a report in excel and just want that data to display in QlikSense. You could create a file connection in a directory. Then have the Python script update the excel file in the directory, schedule a reload based on your needs, etc.

Hope this helps