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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense 2.1 Engine API; ExportData to CSV

Need some help Qlik family! swr‌ Got me started but I need some help to bring this home.

Use case:

The user clicks a button and sends an object (a pre-constructed table with defined object ID) to a specific folder path on the server with a filename the user chooses.


Using Qlik Sense 2.1 and solution can be an extension object or mashup.

Current Status:

Following the discussion here: Mashup Api - Exporting Qlik Sense Table to CSV

1. Starting a new Mashup 'Basic template with absolute positioning'

2. Drag my object in from 'Demo.qvf' with object ID of 'emURxRW'

3. Update the Demo.js file with Stefan Walther's code under app.getObject('QV01','emURxRW');

var qTable = qlik.table(this);

var $exportButton = $( document.createElement('button'));


$exportButton.bind('click', function (  ) {

     qTable.exportData({download: true});




4. Save and refresh

There's no button or ability to export to csv.

Secondly, I'd need the ability to manipulate the filename that's downloaded and the filepath.

Any help? Thank you in advance!

Other useful links for others in the same position:

yianni-ververis/Export-Table-to-Csv · GitHub

How to include "Export data" feature in a mashup


Leverage qsocks from within a mashup · GitHub

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Object to CSV/XML uses Qlik exportData, still does not allow Qlik sense anonymous users to export data from Qlik sense mashup page.