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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik sense server set up but cannot import extension

Hi all, we finally have our qlik sense server ready. I am in the midst of migrating everything and did not plan as much as I should have. I am gradually looking at what extensions are currently being used and migrating them over. So far no hassle, except for this very specific extension that I am constantly getting an error on. 

Extension = qlik variable input

I went back to the source on github and re-downloaded this extension (this is the correct one) and hoping to do a quick import from the QMC side so that my reports are all back to normal. For some reason, when I import this extension as a zip file, I get the following error "zip file did not contain any valid extension"

Im not sure what exactly this means as the QMC expects a .zip file for an extension and this was downloaded as a zip directly from github. 

Any ideas?

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