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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

QlikSense CSS classes - license


I want to develop a webapp that will work with QlikSense in various ways. 

I want to replicate the look and feel of the QlikSense hub, to a certain extent, for users to feel familiar in their environment.

Now, I undestand that Leonardo.UI is open-source with a MIT license.

Some of the CSS class properties and values will be similar like the ones found in hub.css file of QlikSense if I want to achieve the look & feel of QS Hub.

My questions are: 

1. What is the official policy on this regarding licenses, etc? 

2. Can I have CSS classes in my web app that are similar to the ones used in hub.css without infringing a license agreement?

Tks a lot.


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Hello @catalin 

This is probably a question you should ask to your Qlik Sales representative, as he would know your contract and any terms therein.

OEM contracts would have different terms then regular contracts.

Best regards,

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