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Contributor II

Qliksense Visualization Events in Mashup


I am working on a qliksense mashup and have 2 visualizations.  We have a Pie ChartVisualization and a Table Visualization.  If i select a segment in the pie chart the table will filter down the data. What I wish to know is from the mashup api side is there an event or something that can tell me that data has changed in the table?  The reason I am asking is if there is another visualization on the mashup page from a different application or even a visualization that uses set analysis, I would like to know the visualizations that are affected by any  given selection. Is this a possibility.

Thanks for the help


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You have the same events available as in an extension, defined on the model. There is some documentation available here:


The Validated event would be the one you are interested in.

To use this in a mashup you would do something like this:

app.getObject( tabid, id ).then( function ( model ) {

  model.Validated.bind( function () {

  //do something here

  } );

} );

Some explanation:

  • the getobject call returns a promise of a model for the object
  • when you get that model back, it has the events defined
  • you can bind a function to the validated event

Hope this helps


Contributor II
Contributor II

I didn't realize that!  i use that in the extensions but never thought about it like that for the mashups. Thanks.  that is exactly what I was looking for.


We try to make the same API calls (where relevant) work in both extensions and mashups. Many developers work with both.