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Scatter chart with background picture?


I'm trying to get in to the Qlik Sense world after few years with QlikView.  I made an app in QlikView few months ago and now I'm trying to figure it out how/if it's possible to re-create it in Sense.

For me it seems impossible to re-create this one [ see picture ] in Sense.  But I would really appreciate it if someone knew about an extension or some other way to do this and would like to share it with me


Kind Regards
// Fjalar

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Perhaps you can use the map object with a kml file of your venue's floor plan. See this discussion:

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi there Fjalar,

Find your threat, did you find a way to solve your problem? Im looking for something pretty similar. Hope you find it!



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Contributor II

With a little updates you can use Map widget, see this interesting article: