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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Using API to retrieve data from Qlik Sense Application

Hi all,

I have a customer who wants Qlik Sense application data to be exported automatically to a 3rd party system.

I'm not familiar with Qlik APIs but I found out about HyperCube definition which provides extractions of the data loaded for apps.

I created a hyperCube using the mashup editor and it actually working.

My question is what's next? Is it enough to send the customer the js code from the Mashup Editor if he wants to embed it in his system?  I guess that in order to run the script (from another server in the same network) there should be a user authentication.

Please help me, Thanks


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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Eli, 

Usually, you can use the REST connector to connect and retrieve data from the API and the data retrieved depend on the API response(JSON, CSV, XML), then Qlik builds the keys and load structure.

And the API gives you a set of data for 1 day or more, what i suggest is if you give him the script with incremental load or with a procedure to keep fetch data to avoid any next inquiry from the customer side. 


Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi @jood_ahmad 

Thanks for your response, TBH I'm confused right now, HyperCube is not a good solution for the case I presented?

Can you provide an example for the REST solution? 


Creator II
Creator II

let us say that you want to connect to to X web site: so you have to 

1. install the REST Connectors.

2. in the url you have to type the:

https://xxx.xxxx.com/api/v2/"here you will type the name of the table that you are looking for"

3.you will keep the sequence id as it is.

if there any authentication you have to provide it and this as the API you are trying to connect.

4. in the Query Parameter( this is used if you have any filters apply when you request to call and fetch the data)

you can add much as you need to connect: let us say that it is mandatory to have the date and the city ID when you are calling the API you will provide the name like below:

Name            Value

Date          2019-06-19

City           15

very important note: I tried to connect like above but the format doesn't work with me so i had to put my filters in the URL like this:

Https:///[your URL]/API/v2/[Table]?filters[coloumn 1]=xxxxxxxx&filters[coloumn 2]=xxxxxxx 

5. in the Header Parameter you will provide the Authentication "Brear Token key " and if there any parameter you have to include it in the header and this is can be declared from the API documentation of the web site that you are trying to connect. 

then test and connect 

after that when you select to load table it will come with the table structure as per your API.