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Contributor III
Contributor III

Video Player in Qlik Dashboard bundle


I have struggled to get my .mp4 file to play with the new custom object that was provided in the latest february 2021 release. I have read the

and also searched the community but couldn't find anything useful. 

I have the file and I can have it in a sharepoint and link it but couldn't get it to work it from there. I have also uploaded locally on the QS server and link to that, with no success. Example: \\Servername\QlikSource\Prod\Qlikfiles\Video.mp4

Are there any access rules that I have to configure or something in my URL that is wrong? The QS server is not allowed to access the internet which means I can not try a youtube video or similar. It has to be something existing on our internal network. Which is why I tried \\Servername\QlikSource\Prod\Qlikfiles\Video.mp4

This is Corporate news that I would like to upload to our Qlik Sense enterprise solution for sharing.

Thanks for any suggestion!

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Contributor III
Contributor III

I found this article:

Which exclude the posibillity to use a folder to play it. The remaining solution is to reference the video file on the internal network. 
For example, our Qlik Sense adress is and add the .mp4 file after that somehow. How can I get Qlik Sense to access

Thanks for any suggestions!

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi @edwi0012 ,


I appreciate this is an old post but I am looking at the same functionality at the moment.


We're you able to solve this?

I had hoped to use a "Content Library" in Qlik Sense to serve the file. Oddly while it will show from the content library address ("https://qlikserverurl>/content/<content library name>/<filename>.mp4 ") via a browser session I cannot get the video player extension to open the file.