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Contributor III
Contributor III

Virtual Proxy to allow anonymous access in QAP

Hi All,

I'm using QAP with 4 CPUs licesen.

I have created a virtual proxy to allow anonymous user access.

Meanwhile i also created login access rules with Security rule conditions "user.IsAnonymous()" under License and tokens.

Unfortunately, i still having error to access single configurator using the virtually proxy.

Really appreciate anyone can give me a BIG HELP  to check if i did anything wrong.

Kindly find the screenshot as attached.


3 Replies

Have you associated your virtual proxy to a proxy instance?

Under the Load Balancing section for the virtual proxy you can add a proxy node.

We also run license and user login rules for our QAP instances which is ((user.name like "*"))

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Alexander,

Thanks very much for your help.

The Anonymous access using virtual proxy is working fine after added virtual proxy node in load balancing section.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Boon,

I am facing the same issue. My client has 4 core license of QAP. I have configured Qlik Sense Server with User Access rules to 10 users with testing license. Now I want to configure Qlik Sense Site with production license for QAP. I created a new virtual proxy where I enabled allow anonymous user access.For me QAP is, my Qlik Objects will be view able to anonymous users when they will come to my client web portal where I have implemented Qlik Sense objects.

As mentioned in this ticket:

created login access rules with Security rule conditions "user.IsAnonymous()"

First, do i need to create login access rule to grant access to all anonymous users for QAP, if yes ,whenever I try to create login access rule it ask me how much TOKEN, If I need to allocate TOKEN here then I believe this is not QAP process. So please tell me , how QAP is different than Login access rule and how to work for QAP and how do I check that yes now my Qlik Sense Object is view able to my clients on protal