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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Why does qvobject change to qvplaceholder?

I trying to do a web mashup. Problem is everytime I type in qvobject into the div and click view, my html code turns qvobject to qvplaceholder, and I can no longer see my objects that I injected into my html, css, etc...


The javascript works to pull the ids that i am asking for but the class keeps changing, and this is preventing me from viewing my objects.

Thanks in advance!



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Are you using Qlik Sense version 1.0 ?? I'm afraid this is a problem with 1.0, if you use the drag-and-drop feature it works better. Or try 1.1 instead, in 1.1 the id's are in the javascript file instead..


Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hey Erik,

Thanks for the reply. I believe I am using 1.1 currently. Hmm OK. I'll Try that. However, i'd like to also be able to do this independent of the Qlik Sense File/App structure (within my own file structure). And eventually deploy on sense server. For whatever reason I cannot access the 3 files needed outside of workbench (although I can see them in the web browser). Ill keep trying. Thank you.