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Write Back extension in Sense

Hi community,

I am continuously searching for data entry extension in qlik sense from last one week.

I found klikins but it's not an oopen source. I found another one named bWise extension which is not installing.

It would be great if anyone please suggest the extension that enables the user to enter the data and save to database.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

I just contacted bWise about their Qlik Sense extension as well. I was not able to find their Sense installer, maybe you're having issues because it's the QlikView installer?

I'll report back with what they say. At the very least, there's solutions to export an object to a csv/xml file that utilizes the Qlik Engine API.


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If the bWise Installer is not working, please send an email to with the details.

Troubleshooting information can be found here

I know that there are some issues on Windows 7 with the installer currently on Qlik Market, so please try latest beta version available here:

Dropbox -

About the installer

The installer generates the extension GUI, the connection strings, the webservice web.config and installs the extension.

You can run the installer over and over again to generate multiple writeback extensions...

This is not open source, but a commercial product. It supports both QlikView and Sense, and both MS Sql and Oracle as databases for storing the data. The price for a full licensed version of this product is $4900 (unlimited usage within your company - which means unlimited number of writeback extensions).

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Is there any other solution for data entry / write back in Qlik Sense than bWise? Is it something that is planned for future releases?

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Hi ,

Till the date, No @jveldheon

Contributor III
Contributor III

jveldhoen‌ It depends how you'd like to go about the data entry and write back. My initial assumption is that you'd need to create a mashup with input boxes or a table and take those inputs and create an XML or JSON ajax post to a web service and the web service could write to the db.

Send me a message with your contact details and I could help you get started.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


I realize this is an old post, but if anyone happens to look for a writeback extension for Qlik Sense consider looking into Komment™ which is lightweight, native-like, Qlik TED certified, and very affordable writeback extension. More info available here at Qlik's own site and/or here at the official website:

Full disclaimer: I work for Extend BI, the company offering the Komment™ writeback extension.