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Contributor III
Contributor III

correct API to embbed a sheet into web application


we have developed a Sales KPI Dashboard as a Qlik Sense application sheet. We need that data to be displayed on a TV set for daily  monitoring. Now we have two problems:

1. The fonts and some other visualization elements are too small for seeing data from 10-15 meters away.

2. If TV is turned off and then switched back on we constantly need to reauthenticate the browser to our QlikSense for Windows Enterprise instance.

I have decided to solve these issues by developing our own mini-web application and embedding QlikSense data into it, however given a myriad QlikSense API options I'm totally lost which one I should choose? Which QlikSense API would allow me: a) bypass authentication completely or automatically authenticate with a specified user (shared user for TV devices), and b) change Chart fonts, increase Straight Table cell size, etc.

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If the Virtual Proxy you are communicating with uses Windows Authentication & both the Qlik Sense Server & the PC connected to the TV are on the Same domain, and you are logged into the PC using a domain account. 
Then you can add the Qlik Sense Server to the Trusted Sites in Internet explorer and it will use pass though authentication and you will not be prompted.

Contributor III
Contributor III

There is no PC connected to TV. I'm using Android's default browser on the TV itself.