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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

embed Qlik sense SaaS dashboard into third party app (field service management app) how can i do it.


i have to embed Qlik sense SaaS dashboard into third party app (field service management app) how can i do it.

it is mobile based application viemo field service  management app.


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  There are different ways of embedding the Qlik Sense content.  I would suggest reviewing the below link




Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hello Sanjeev.

Some time ago I embedded Qlik in a web portal. I would recommend you to refer to the following Qlik Dev article where they would ask you to add the site to the admin console CSP and enable "frame-ancestors".
If you do not do this, you will not be able to embed Qlik Sense Cloud in a web portal.

After the rules are applied, I would recommend waiting 5-10 minutes, then refresh the site and probably redirect you at Qlik login or IdP login.

Have a great day 🙂


I'd start by stepping back further:

  • How do you create custom content in this third party application? Do you own the source code, or is it surfacing up a simple web app that you'd embed Qlik into?
  • What web technologies are you familiar with/ prefer working with?
  • Which platforms will the app run on? Some platforms block third party cookies by default in some contexts, which means you can't use our current iframe solution
  • What do you want to embed - is it a whole sheet layout or are you willing to build a more embedded experience using one of our JS frameworks
  • What method of authentication does this web app use? You'll likely want to ensure that users don't have to sign into the app, and then into Qlik Cloud - thinking about auth up front will provide a better experience for your users- what is the mobile app written in, what technologies are

Also, please note that for Qlik Cloud, you should refer to our Cloud developer portal rather than our client managed help site link provided by @Christopher_prem_ , as there are differences in capabilities between the two platforms. A good starting point (an overview of the available technologies) can be found at