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Contributor III
Contributor III

getList('MediaList') not returning all media on Enterprise


Have been working on a simple extension to replace a widget now they have been depreciated, as part of it i want to allow developers to pick from the In App Media list for pictures to be inserted into the extension.

When i built this on QS Desktop it worked fine and returned both the default and in app contents:

var app = qlik.currApp();
app.getList('MediaList').then(function(model) {


on QS desktop both in app and default images:


but when on the server only the default media library stuff seems to come through:



Just wondering if there is some other/better way to get the URL for medialist entries, or a way to specify the in-app library only from GetList() whilst on Enterprise?


Cheers and merry xmas etc.


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Are you sure the in app images are there on the server??

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Erik,

I'm presuming so, i can add them as Icons for sheets and the main app or add them into the text and image control:



I did wonder if it was because that app was duplicated back to my work area but I've tried creating a brand new app and adding some images into that but still no joy.  Will try creating a separate media library in  QMC rather than trying to access the In App one later today and see if that works.




Contributor III
Contributor III

Adding a QMC managed library still didn't work but could get around my issue by using the media component type as a property  (badged as experimental  and says that it doesnt work for In app media in the docs but it appears to work for now - may need to move the media to a central library now i think on it but at least i have a way forward)

Custom media properties ‒ Qlik Sense for developers


probably should have read through the docs more carefully, apologies