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Contributor III
Contributor III

"QlikSense" Aggregate via code ( Simple Pivot output ) + selecting?

Is it possible to simply to specify two dimensions , a measure in an extension , and return a table object?

I've looked into existing pivot table extensions using 3d , but that's mostly overkill. I was hoping there'd be a method on the hypercube, but trying to find docs is like trying to find a haystack in stack of haystack.  I either find vizlib promotions or QlikView stuff .

If anyone has any pointers it'd be much appreciated, I'm new to creating extensions, and am struggling to find the documentation for :


a :  A nice list of all the methods / functions / objects related to the layout/hypercube 

b:  A way to push selections instantly back to the hypercube without the green approval tick pop-up

c:  A way to add additional properties and reference then ( drop down / radio buttons don't want to read from the paint statment )   .


Is the search(old and new) broken on this forum? I did try scouring the message boards, but either nothing came back on the 'modern' search, and the 'classic' search simply returned a bunch of knowledge base stuff and no forum posts.





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Contributor III
Contributor III

So since I found most of the answers via  RTFM .



Getting data out of the hypercube / references to rows/columns/cells etc for those more used to SQL like ways of working  :




Contributor III
Contributor III

[B] Making selections via clicking objects -  I found the QlikSense help was omitting a line declaring a reference to the element, invalidating it.  but found the full one here :


Incomplete manual entry :