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How To Update Or Apply License To QlikView Server

Digital Support
Digital Support

How To Update Or Apply License To QlikView Server

The common scenarios of changing the QlikView license details are:

  • Purchased new QlikView Server license
  • Purchased new QlikView Publisher license
  • Purchased more CALs
  • Need to update to a version that requires an updated License Enabler File (LEF)


  • QlikView 11.xx
  • QlikView 12.xx

Pre-requisite: Backup of license related files 


It is recommended to do a backup of license related files on the QlikView server prior to updating license details. This allows for reverting to the previous license if the update causes any problems. QlikView license information is stored in two locations. Files from both locations, as specified below, must be copied to a safe location prior to updating or applying new license.

  1. Root document folder. The location of this folder is defined in the QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > Folders tab > Root folder.
    • BorrowedCalDat.pgo
    • CalData.pgo
    • IniData.pgo
    • ServerCounters.pgo
    • TicketData.pgo
  2. QlikViewServer application folder. Default path (Windows 2008 / 2012): C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer 
    • CalData.pgo
    • IniData.pgo
    • ServerCounters.pgo
    • BorrowedCalData.pgo
    • FUL.dat

NOTE: Applying license requires restart of QlikView service(s) and not the physical server itself. QlikView will be temporary unavailable during the restart of the service(s).

Apply / Update the license to QlikView Server


To apply the license, navigate to System > Licenses > QVS@node > QlikView Server License  


To Update the license, navigate to System > Licenses > QVS@node > QlikView Server License


  • Click Update License from Server to allow Qlik to update the license information (LEF) automatically from its online LEF server
  • If your QlikView server does not have access to the internet, you will need to replace the current LEF with the new one and click Apply License

    Please note: When you update the license, do NOT clear license!
  • When you are ready click the OK for it the restart the QlikView service(s)

  • You will then see Success message on the far right hand side.

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Hey @Andre_Sostizzo 

do you know why I still have the LEF expiring warning? I have updated both publisher and OEM server license.


Best regards,


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Huiying 

If both have been successfully updated and show the correct date after a service restart, I would recommend reviewing the .lef files in the \QlikTech folder. There should be one in the Distribution Service Folder as well as the QlikView Server folder (and I think one in the root). Check if it is all updated in those files, too.

Otherwise, review the log files for both services, see if you can notice anything that helps you further investigate.

If not, you may want to head over to the QlikView community forums and post there for greater visibly - or contact Support.

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