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Qlik Sense Business Account FAQ

Community Manager
Community Manager

Qlik Sense Business Account FAQ

This is a list of frequently asked account related questions for Qlik Sense Business.  The information provided is the latest at the time of documenting and will be updated periodically with new questions.




 Q: What is Qlik Sense Business, and how to get started?

A: Qlik Sense Business is our SaaS solution. The focus of Qlik Sense Business is to give you, the end user, the ability to collaborate with your teammates to make faster data-driven decisions using our enhanced and redesigned user interface, which happens to match Qlik Sense Enterprise on Qlik Cloud Services. For information on getting started, please see How to get started with Qlik Sense Business.


Q: Is there a free trial period to use Qlik Sense Business?

A: There is a 30-day trial period for Qlik Sense Business. For more information on signing up for a trial, please see How to Start a Qlik Sense Business Trial.


Q: Can Qlik Sense Business Trial be extended?

A: Yes, a trial can be extended. Please see How to Extend a Qlik Sense Business Trial.


Q: How much does Qlik Sense Business cost? 

A: Please see Qlik Pricing for more information.


Q: How do I purchase an annual subscription?

A: Please see How to purchase a Qlik Sense Business subscription for more information.


Q: How do I log into Qlik Sense Business?

A: Please see How to Log Into Qlik Sense Business for simple steps.


Q: When logging in, I receive the following error: WRONG EMAIL OR PASSWORD.

A: This is typically due to a wrong email or password. Please use the "I forgot my password" link. For more information, please see How To Reset Password For a Qlik Sense Business Users.


Q: When logging in, I receive the following an error: An Error Occurred: You cannot access Qlik Sense. There is no valid license.

A: The Subscription Owner needs to purchase additional seats. Please see Qlik Sense Business Error: There is no valid license for more information.


Q: When logging in, I receive a Java error.

A: There are a few different Java errors that can occur. Please look at the article Error When Logging Into Qlik Sense Business to see the resolutions for the different errors.


Q: Can I add additional users?

A: Yes, additional users can be added to the subscription. Please follow How to add new seats on existing Qlik Sense Business Subscription to add users.


Q: A user left the company. How do I disable their account?

A: Users can be set to ‘Disabled’ under Administration > Users. For more information, please see



Q: Can I add remove users from my subscription?

A: Yes, users can be removed from the subscription. Please see Managing Your Subscription in My Qlik for more information.


Q: I still see disabled users in my list of users. Is there a way to remove those accounts?

A: Unfortunately, there is not a way to remove the disabled users from the list at this time.


Q: Can I download my apps?

A: Yes, please see Exporting apps for more information.


Q: What is My Qlik Portal?

A: My Qlik Portal is a space that allows Qlik Sense users to digitally purchase and manage Qlik Sense Business Subscriptions as well as their own personal information. For more information on My Qlik Portal, please see How to Access My Qlik Portal.


Q: How do I setup multi-factor authentication?

A: Please see How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Qlik Sense SaaS for information on setting this up.


Q: Can multi-factor authentication be disabled?

A: Yes, it can be disabled. Please see How to Reset or Disable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for more information on resetting and disabling multi-factor authentication.


Q. Can Multi-Cloud be setup with Qlik Sense Business?

A: Qlik Sense Business (QSB) does not support Multi-Cloud as it does not support "bring-your-own-IdP" (BYOIDP). Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS (QSE SaaS) supports the use of external IdPs which can also be used for the integration with QSEoW.

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Hi! I want to update my App in Qlik Sense Business but I don't know how to do it. I want to add some improvements to my App without deleting what is in the portal. It is not a upload of data.  Please help me.  @Jamie_Gregory  

Contributor II
Contributor II

HI , I wanted to know what is the total storage for Qlik Sense Business. I know that the app size allowed is 1.25 GB but I want to know how many such apps can be created? Is it unlimited?

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @bhavanach 

We want customers to have as much storage as they need for their analytics, so as it is right now you should not run into limitations for your app storage. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@pmaureira You don't have to delete anything. What kind of improvements are you trying to add? 

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