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Aliasing the Qlik Sense SaaS Tenant Name

Digital Support
Digital Support

Aliasing the Qlik Sense SaaS Tenant Name

Aliasing a Tenant Name to your Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Tenant can be very helpful if you were to make a mistake in creating the original tenant URL or if your company name was to change and you wanted it to reflect in your QCS environment. Note: The master hostname created during onboarding can not be changed at this time. 

NOTE: Alias Host Name change can only be done with paid subscriptions. Display Name can be changed on Trials or Evals Tenant 

Prior to May 2020: If you purchased your license before May 2020 please contact customer support (How to create a case) and request that TENANT_ALIAS=YES is added to your current license to allow the option to change a tenant hostname. Once confirmed from customer support that your license has been updated you can continue. 

After May 2020: If you purchased you licenses after May 2020 please continue as documented below.


Aliasing in the Management Console 

  1. You will first need to access the Management console by selecting your avatar circle in the top right-hand corner of your QCS Hub. 
  2. Next go to Administration > Settings 
  3. You will then have this below window open up (Fig 1)

    Fig 1Fig 1

  4. Content of the page:
    1. Display Name is a "friendly" descriptive name 
    2. Alias hostname is the name that appears in the URL
    3. Hostname is the original name of  the tenant used at onboarding, and never changes 
    4. ID is the unique identifier for the tenant, and never changes
  5. Proceed with giving your Host Name an Alias
  6. Update and save the Display Name
  7. Update and Save the Alias Name 
    1. Uses Tenant Nameing Rules
    2. Will be checked for Availability 
    3. Adds DNS Entry 
      NOTE: you cannot use the name if the name already exists. 
  8. Saving Will Provide Feedback on Success. See Fig 2.

    Fig 2Fig 2

  9. Once Accepted, new alias name can be used to access the tenant.
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