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Creating an Azure OpenAI Connector

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Creating an Azure OpenAI Connector

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Feb 8, 2024 11:23:24 AM

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Feb 2, 2024 7:47:32 AM


The purpose of the attached document is to help you understand the options and be able to configure and test the Azure OpenAI connector. For the purposes of the document assume that our goal is to create a connection that we could utilize to ask questions of the data that we pass to Azure OpenAI. Within this document we will only get your connection tested, but the accompanying Azure OpenAI Tutorial application will allow you to pass sample data and ask questions of it so that you can test that functionality as well.

As the Azure OpenAI Connector will require several parameters that you have to input by hand, the document starts by helping you understand how to know which values to use.

🏆Bonus 🏆

Reading is one thing, but there is nothing like seeing it in action and getting your hands on. To that end, the attached Azure OpenAI Tutorial application will let you create a connection, using the guide, and then step through learning exercises to fully understand how you would pass data from within Qlik Sense to Azure OpenAI and ask questions of it. 

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