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Distinct values for dimension in a chart

Hi Guys,

For one of my dimensions i am getting a multiple value

Dimension = Players

Value= Jack F

Jack F is coming up twice in the bar chart. The players field is created from multiple string manipulations and concatenation with other data sources. I am asking if there is a solution just in the front end for this?

Such as =(Distinct,Players)


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Re: Distinct values for dimension in a chart

Hi Aaron,

The amount of information is not huge, but if you are experiencing multiple instances of a dimension on the same axis that would mean there dimensions are not unique. Most likely there is a space before/after the name or the space between 'Jack' and 'F' is one or two spaces.

It is much easier to sort this in the backend, by simply using a Trim(Players) as Players in the script. You can try this in the front end as well (as calculated dimension) but I'm not entirely sure how the result will pan out.

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Re: Distinct values for dimension in a chart

Change ur dimension in the script as follow:

Capitalize(trim(Players)) as Players