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Does order by not work in the load script?

Hi Guys,

Does order by not work in the load script? If so what do I use?

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Re: Does order by not work in the load script?

It only works in resident load. So a load from excel or any other external source cannot be ordered. You will need to create a resident table to use order by statement.

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Re: Does order by not work in the load script?

Hi ,

Order by will work in Load script but not in Direct load it will work in only resident load





from .....xls;




1 as tmp

resident t1

order by name asc;

drop table t1;

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Re: Does order by not work in the load script?

Hi lak,

from the Qlikview Help File:

order_by   order by  is a clause used for sorting the records of a resident table before they are processed by the load statement. The resident table can be sorted by one or more fields in ascending or descending order. The sorting is made primarily by numeric value and secondarily by national collation order. This clause may only be used when the data source is a resident table.

The ordering fields specify which field the resident table is sorted by. The field can be specified by its name or by its number in the resident table (the first field is number 1).

orderbyfieldlist ::= fieldname [ sortorder ] { , fieldname [ sortorder ] }

sortorder is either asc for ascending or desc for descending. If no  sortorder is specified, asc is assumed.

fieldname, path, filename and aliasname are text strings representing what the respective names imply. Any field in the source table can be used as fieldname. However, fields created through the as clause (aliasname) are out of scope and cannot be used inside the same load statement.




Re: Does order by not work in the load script?

Could you elaborate what the exact issue is?

Did you get an error in the script?

Or have you expected something else when loading the data?

As already stated, ORDER BY in a LOAD statement can be used with RESIDENT tables.

If your source itselfs supports an order by (most common example: a SELECT ... FROM ... ORDER BY....Smiley Wink you can use this as well (note that the sorting is performed by the source DBMS, not QV).

Also note, that QV's ORDER BY is sorting the input table, not the ouput table (so won't result in a sorted table e.g. when using a LOAD DISTINCT).

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