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QlikView License lease

Hi all,

I have a issue with qlikview desktop license lease. 

The case is like there is external customer who wants to lease a license.

the user is not part of Active Directory and he is added into qlikview server as user but not in local administrator group.

for ex: user is XYZ and qlikview server is prod123 and qlikview publsiher is prod124 and test environment is Test111

Qlikview Desktop is there in Test111 and he has full access to test server 

User XYZ is added  in Prod123 (Qlikview Server) as USER not in administrator group

Assigned CAL to XYZ in prod124 ( ex: using Prod123\XYZ by searching a directory)

Now XYZ open a Qlikview desktop from Test111

Click file-> open in server -> qvp://prod123 and hit connect

So i would like to know is there any other access needed for USER so that license will lease?

thanks in advance and waiting for reply from you

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Re: QlikView License lease

When performing File->Open in Server in QlikView Desktop, does the user select Alternate Identity, enter Prod123\XYZ in the input field and - when asked - enter a password?


Re: QlikView License lease

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reply.We have tried the same but getting following error. thanks in advance and waiting for reply from you



Re: QlikView License lease

Your QlikView server may be b locking connections to port 4747 (the qvp port).

On your server, check Windows Firewall and open port 4747 to clients connecting from your LAN.