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Error in CSV parsing of quoted entries in Qlik Sense May 2023

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Error in CSV parsing of quoted entries in Qlik Sense May 2023

Last Update:

Sep 20, 2023 11:24:45 AM

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Sep 11, 2023 6:03:09 AM

Several patches to May 2023 worked to resolve issues with quoted entries when using Modern Style Quoting (MSQ) for multi-line entries in CSV files. These resolved the issues raised at the time but resulted in a change in behavior when parsing quoted entries with a space after the delimiting character.

As an example, the following entry from a CSV:

on 2 lines",C

This is parsed correctly as:

A B one 2 lines C

This is due to there being no space between the comma and the quoted B field

However the following entry:

A, "B
on 2 lines", C

The entry is parsed as:

A "B  
on 2 lines" C  

The multi-line quoted field is not parsed due to the space after the comma (or whatever delimiter is specified)



Qlik Sense May 2023


A fix for this behavior will be delivered in a patch at a future date, though where feasible removing the spaces after the delimiting character will allow Qlik Sense to properly parse the file.

Fix Version:

August 2023 Patch 2
May 2023 Patch 6


Product Defect ID: QB-21429

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‎2023-09-20 11:24 AM
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