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Gold Client: What are the differences between Data Snap and Export Control?

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Gold Client: What are the differences between Data Snap and Export Control?

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Mar 16, 2021 2:16:05 PM

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May 29, 2020 5:39:58 PM

This is a really good question considering that these are the only functions (within Data Echo) that can be used to initiate data exports, but there are certainly some notable differences.

Foreground and background execution

  • Data Snap: background only
  • Export Control: foreground or background
    • Best practice tip: execute in background to avoid having the process time out

Data volume limitations

  • Data Snap: data volumes are limited
    • Gold Client is delivered with this parameter defaulted to 1,000 records but it is configurable and so customers can edit as needed. Note: this limitation is only applied to the top level object and has no bearing on any related/dependent data objects that are included in the export.
    • Best practice tip: 1000 is recommended as it is typically large enough for users to be able to export their data while not being a performance burden on the team's production system
  • Export Control: no limitations

Data selection criteria

  • Data Snap:
    • Can input criteria 
    • Can save criteria as a Scenario 
    • Cannot edit the selection criteria of a Scenario
  • Export Control:
    • Cannot input criteria
    • Cannot save criteria as a Scenario
    • Can edit the selection criteria of a Scenario

Scope of export

  • Data Snap:
    • Limited to only a single Data Type at a time
  • Export Control:
    • One or multiple Data Types can be included


For more information on using these functions, reference the Gold Client Data Echo User Guide.

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