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How to change the share path in Qlik Sense (Service Cluster)

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Digital Support
Digital Support

How to change the share path in Qlik Sense (Service Cluster)

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Feb 5, 2024 7:45:51 AM

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Apr 4, 2018 11:02:02 AM


The purpose of this guide is to walk through how to change the path in which Apps, ArchivedLogs, Custom Data, and Repository content is stored.

Older releases (e.g. June 2017) of Qlik Sense Enterprise did not include the QlikSenseUtil.exe tool. A copy for older releases is attached to this article for use at the end customer's own risk since it is no longer supported.

Change the Service Cluster path:

  1. Navigate to the Service Cluster section of the Qlik Sense Management Console to determine the current share path

  2. Create a new folder for share on the intended destination.

    Fig 1Fig 1

  3. Share this path through Windows file sharing as shown in Fig 1

    1. Right-Click, select Properties 
    2. Open the Sharing tab
    3. Press Share...
    4. In the available menu add the service account to have Read/Write permissions as visualized in Fig 2

      Fig 2Fig 2

  4. Copy the Network path to a text editor for reference later

  5. Stop all Qlik Sense services except for the Qlik Sense Repository Database / PostgreSQL on all nodes

  6. Move the Apps, ArchivedLogs, CustomData, and StaticContent folders from the previous share location to the new share

  7. Browse to C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil\ and open QlikSenseUtil.exe 

    If the installation path of Qlik Sense was customized at install, the location will have changed to: Drive:\Path\Where\Installed\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil\

  8. Click Connect to database and fill out the required connection details

    connect to qliksenseutil.png 

    • Host Name: the hostname of your database; use localhost if local
    • Port: the Qlik Sense Repository port; use 4432 if default
    • Database user: the user; use qliksenserepository
    • Password: the password you have chosen at install
    • Use SSL: Check if SSL has been set up 

  9. Next, click on the Service Cluster section and click OK to retrieve the current share path values

  10. Replace the existing values with the new share path

    Ensure that there are no double slashes in the paths (e.g. \\QlikSense\\Apps) as this is not a logical Windows path

    Example before values:

    QlikSense Share Change03.png
    Example after values:

    QlikSense Share Change04.png
  11. Click on Save to save the values in the underlying Qlik Sense Repository Database

  12. Click on Clear to clear the values and then OK to retrieve the values which exist in the underlying database to ensure that the previously entered values were saved in an expected manner

    It is ideal here to copy one of the paths and ensure that they work as expected in Windows

  13. Start all previously stopped Qlik Sense Services


Adjust the default Data connections:

After changing the Service Cluster path, some default Data connections need to be adjusted to match the new path. 

  1. Open the Qlik Sense Enterprise Management Console (QMC)

  2. Go to Data Connections

  3. Locate:
    • ArchivedLogFolders
    • AttachedFiles
    • DataPrebAppCache
  4. Modify each and chance the Connection String to match the new path.


    (old) \\DC1\Share\ArchivedLogs
    (new) \\QLIKSERVER1\Share\ArchivedLogs

  5. Click Apply after changing each connection string

    apply new connection string settings.png

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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi, I did all the steps to change the Share folder, but now I'm having issues with the Monitoring apps. After changing the share folder all the apps wors perfect, but the reload of the Monitoring apps throws this error

The following error occurred:
Connector reply error: Unable to connect to database:
Connection failed:
Please check the values for Username‚ Password‚ Host‚ and other properties.
The error occurred here:
FROM "public"."log_entries"
WHERE "entry_timestamp" >= '2020-10-30 08:52:07'

The following error occurred:
Exists for \ failed: ExistsException \ failed: boost::filesystem::status: No se encuentra el nombre de red especificado: "\\JRG-SRV-QLIK\QlikShare\ArchivedLogs": unknown error
The error occurred here:
FOR each folder in DirList(archivedLogsFolder & '*')
The following error occurred:
Exists for \ failed: ExistsException \ failed: boost::filesystem::status: No se encuentra el nombre de red especificado: "\\JRG-SRV-QLIK\QlikShare\ArchivedLogs": unknown error
The error occurred here:

Any idea what should I do in order to solve this issue?


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Thanks for this. Please add to the steps the need to update connection strings of the default Data Connections.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Jason_Michaelides 

Thank you for reaching out! The article has been updated. I appreciate your feedback immensely.

All the best,

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Nice one Sonja - thank you!

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