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Qlik Compose: ‘undefined’ error while generating ETL instructions.

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Qlik Compose: ‘undefined’ error while generating ETL instructions.

Generating ETL instructions (both basic and all validations) for a data warehouse task fails at random for different tasks with the following error:

Undefined error

Clicking on more details shows no additional information. The same task will generate the instructions successfully at a different time. 

This may occur after an upgrade of the Snowflake ODBC drivers (for example from 2.24 to 2.25.11).

As a troubleshooting step, turning up the Qlik Compose logs to verbose does not capture the undefined error, but the Windows Event logs show a crash of the Qlik Compose service. 

Review the Windows Events (Application) log for Application Errors. Opening the log reveals an error such as:

Faulting application name: ComposeCtl.exe, version 
Faulting module name: SnowflakeDSll.dll
Exception code: 0xc0000005



A defect in the 2.25.11 Snowflake driver is causing this issue. Downgrading to 2.25.6 resolves the ‘undefined’ error and prevents the crash.

See Snowflake ODBC Driver Release Notes.




Qlik Compose 2021.02 and above

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