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Qlik Sense - Export data from table object to excel

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Digital Support

Qlik Sense - Export data from table object to excel

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May 10, 2022 3:23:50 PM

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Apr 12, 2018 3:07:53 AM

The export functionality of Qlik Sense is designed to only export the data present in the table object to Excel sheet. The color coding which is based on specific conditions in the table object falls under the "properties" of table object which holds good inside Qlik Sense environment and is not compatible with the Excel sheet properties. This being the reason the condition based coloring cannot be exported to excel sheet from table object of Qlik Sense however the data based on the same can be exported. 


Steps performed in Qlik Sense: 

1. Create an app in Qlik Sense
2. Drag a table object.
3. Add an expression in "Background color expression" section of intended field. 
4. Example : if ([fieldname]> 0, green(), yellow())
5. When you export the table object to excel, only the data gets exported to excel but the color coding will be lost as it is based on the properties of Qlik Sense product and not compatible with Excel.



This is working as designed at this point, however, Qlik has previously received feedback on this feature.  For up to date information and to express your interest in this feature, review Keep formatting on Excel Export .

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Any update please ?? its been 3 years right now

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @sofiene_1920 !

Looks like the Idea is on the Roadmap! And it's got a lot of attention, but it never hurts to lend your voice to it as well: Keep formatting on Excel Export.


Contributor III
Contributor III

You can use the LogiExport extension to achieve this functionality and much more such as adding "selection context" to the file and more.



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‎2022-05-10 03:23 PM
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