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QlikView and Microsoft Windows DFS Share Storage support

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QlikView and Microsoft Windows DFS Share Storage support

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Mar 1, 2023 6:37:07 AM

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Mar 1, 2023 6:37:07 AM

Distributed File Systems (DFS) are not supported by QlikView. This includes the storage of .qvw files, .qvd files, .pgo files, .shared/.tshared files or other operational files and executables.

Distributed File System (DFS) is a set of client and server services that allow an organisation using Microsoft Windows servers to organize many distributed SMB file shares into a distributed file system.
DFS provides location transparency (via the namespace component) and redundancy (via the file replication component) to improve data availability in the face of failure or heavy load by allowing shares in multiple different locations to be logically grouped under one folder, or DFS root.

DFS QlikView.png

Due the nature of such distributed, possibly replicated file shares, we are not able to support them for a usage with QlikView. Meaning, that if such a DFS file share is used to store QVWs or PGOs, etc. on, we expect problems in storing or accessing those.
Fore more information regarding File Storage option for QlikView and what to consider, see:

QlikView and its backend File Share System 

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Dear Sonja,

is this limitation for QlikView only or is it the same for a QlikSense Multi-site environment?

We have set up our QlikSense environment on a DFS, because accessing the data otherwise is difficult (extremely long reading / writing duration due to datasize and connection capacity).

Now the hub accesses obviously older versions, where the QMC shows the correct timestamps for the app. A restart of the central node usually solves the problem, but this can not be the right approach.

Do you have any proposal, how to remedy this situation?

Short feedback would be great.

Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @dirk_fischer 

The same applies to Qlik Sense. See Qlik Sense Share Storage options and requirements. As such, Qlik cannot provide direct guidance, as it falls outside of a supported scenario.

All the best,

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