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Reload of the Operations Monitor app or other monitoring apps fail with 401 (Unauthorized)

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Reload of the Operations Monitor app or other monitoring apps fail with 401 (Unauthorized)

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Feb 15, 2021 4:39:12 AM

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Created date:

Oct 14, 2019 10:38:14 AM

Reload of the Operations Monitor app or other monitoring apps fail with 401 (Unauthorized) in the script logs with lines similar to the ones below:



20201228T174643.604+0100 1262 LIB CONNECT TO 'monitor_apps_REST_user_condensed'
20201228T174644.118+0100 Connected.
20201228T174644.120+0100 1264 User:
20201228T174644.120+0100 1265 Load
20201228T174644.120+0100 1266 userDirectory & '\' & userId AS UserId,
20201228T174644.120+0100 1267 [name] AS [User Name],
20201228T174644.120+0100 1268 userDirectory as [User Directory]
20201228T174644.121+0100 1270 SQL SELECT
20201228T174644.121+0100 1271 "userId",
20201228T174644.121+0100 1272 "userDirectory",
20201228T174644.121+0100 1273 "name"
20201228T174644.121+0100 1274 FROM JSON (wrap on) "root"
20201228T174644.327+0100 3 fields found: UserId, User Name, User Directory,
20201228T174644.330+0100 Error: HTTP protocol error 401 (Unauthorized):
20201228T174644.330+0100 Requested resource requires authentication.
20201228T174644.331+0100 Execution Failed
20201228T174644.339+0100 Execution finished.


May also see the following in the script logs for other Data Connections when reloading apps with SQL data source:

20201228T143604.111-0300 Error: Connector reply error: Unable to connect to database:
20201228T143604.111-0300 Error message:
20201228T143604.111-0300 Please check the values for Username‚ Password‚ Host and other properties.
20201228T143604.111-0300 Description: Client unable to establish connection
20201228T143604.126-0300 Execution Failed
20201228T143604.135-0300 Execution finished.


  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, June 2019 (13.32.4) and later



There are three known causes:

1. This issue is common when the Qlik Sense server hostname has been changed following the steps in Qlik Sense: Change hostname (and certificates) after an installation.

2. The username configured for the specific Data Connection, or the Qlik Sense service account has been change. 

3. Multiple Qlik Sense self-signed certificates co-exist in the environment.



For the respective causes above:

1. Re-type the password for the specific Data Connection configuration via QMC > Data Connection > monitor_app_*. (e.g: Data Connection monitor_apps_REST_user_condensed for the example error above). Also see related article Repository System Log Shows Error "Not possible to decrypt encrypted string in database" 

2. If hostname has not been changed, check if the username has been changed for the specific Data Connection or if the Qlik Sense service account was changed. See License and operation monitoring apps error 401 Unauthorized  

3.  Delete and recreate the Qlik Sense certificates as per:  How to recreate or just delete certificates in Qlik Sense - No access to QMC or Hub

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