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Qlik Cloud Government releases two features into the platform: Customer Managed Keys  for enhanced data encryption and GeoOperations for advanced mapping and geographical analysis.

Qlik is committed to  our US Public Sector customers through Qlik Cloud Government and continuing our investment into the platform. Our latest release for Qlik Cloud Government includes the following two features:

  1. Customer Managed Keys – enhanced encryption capabilities offering customers the ability to bring their own encryption keys
  2. GeoOperations – advanced mapping calculations to solve geographical problems with data

To learn more about both, please see content on each below and the attached links for videos, workshops, and more!

2. Customer Managed Keys

We are pleased to announce that Customer Managed Keys is now available in Qlik Cloud Government, offering advanced data encryption and allowing customers to bring their own encryption keys when storing data in Qlik Cloud.

For public sectors customers with higher security requirements, Customer Managed Keys offers an additional security layer enabling organizations to bring their own encryption keys (BYOK) to protect the data stored at rest in their Qlik Cloud tenant. This empowers the customer to retain full control over their data’s encryption key. 

Additional control around data access

Customer Managed Keys ensures only the customer has access to the data – not Qlik. If data is encrypted using customer-managed keys and the customer disables access to the encryption key, it is technically impossible for Qlik to decrypt the data without the customer’s consent. The customer keeps full control over the data’s lifecycle.

Qlik’s first implementation of Customer Managed Keys will use AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). AWS KMS is a managed service that makes it easy to create and control the cryptographic keys that are used to protect your data. AWS KMS uses hardware security modules (HSM) to protect and validate your AWS KMS keys under FIPS 140-2.

 Technical Diagram of integration with AWS KMS

Customer ManagedKeys_Tech Diagram_Blog.PNG



Customer Managed Keys brings that extra level of trust and governance for sensitive data moving in to Qlik Cloud.

Supporting Resources:


2. GeoOperations

GeoOperations enables geographic calculations and functions such as calculating routes or travel areas and supports loading geographic data from a wide variety of data sources into Qlik Cloud Government. Qlik’s GeoOperations  empowers organizations to solve geographic problems and unlock more value of out their data.

GeoOperations functions are available in script layer for both the application’s load script and at the visualization level. GeoOperations functions also can be used to transform geographic data or make calculations.



Advanced Mapping Features of GeoOperations:

  • Extracts spatial relations so that they can be handled by Qlik.
  • Load time lookups of locations (as an alternative to the presentation time lookups in the map chart).
  • Aggregation of points in clusters or bins.
  • Specify locations as:
    • Point, line, or area geometries
    • Latitude and longitude fields
    • Named points or areas
  • Load geographic data from a range of input formats.
  • Use operations on data already loaded in Qlik.

A few examples below of GeoOperations:

  • Multi-layered mapping visualizing natural disaster impact to populations/structures, etc.
  • Determining travel areas from points to identify under-served geographies
  • Finding quickest route to deploy resources in response to emergency and/or disaster events
  • Linking GPS positions to hospitals, schools, or road networks
  • Building custom areas from a list of municipalities or constituents

To learn more about GeoOperations, visit the Qlik Help page or check out the YouTube Video.

For a GeoOperations example and follow along exercise, click here.