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Product Innovation

By reading the Product Innovation blog, you will learn about what's new across all of the products in our growing Qlik product portfolio.

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As we shared earlier this year, we will be releasing a new version of Qlik Sense approximately every 10 weeks.  Our next release is scheduled for September 2017, just a few short weeks away!

Leading up to each release, we are committed to providing a release preview to ensure that you have an opportunity to check out the latest features before they go live.  The technical preview for the September releases of both Qlik Sense and Qlik NPrinting can be found on the Qlik Product Insight area of community. 

Below you will find a tentative list of What's New in this upcoming release.

Qlik Sense September 2017

    • For Business Users
      • Data Manager Sequential Operations - Improvements to Data manager enable you to perform sequential transformations on your tables and fields. Where previously you were limited in what transformations you could perform together, such as being able to apply a single data profiling card transformation on a single field, you can now use the data profiling cards, concatenation, calculated fields, and unpivoting data together.
      • Waterfall Chart - You can now illustrate how an initial value is affected by intermediate positive and negative values with the new waterfall chart. For example, you can show the positive and negative contributions of different accounts in an income statement.
      • Recent Colors - The color picker in Qlik Sense now displays the five most recent colors selected in Qlik Sense
    • For Administrators
      • Centralized Logging - With the introduction of shared persistence, all nodes now have direct access to a common database and file system. The new Qlik Logging Service allows administrators to configure logs to be centralized by collecting all the messages and inserting them into a PostgreSQL database to help find issues and analyze usage.
    • For Developers
      • Hierarchical Data API - A new hierarchical data API enables a definition that more closely reflects the visual representation of data. Benefits of the new API: Ensures little to no manipulation or transformation of data structure in the front end. / Simplifies the creation of charts./ Enables more powerful and dynamic charts.
      • Visualization API Update – Addition of new waterfall chart.
      • Extension Certification Pilot - Initial implementation of a new process for certifying extensions for Qlik Sense.. This is a limited pilot but ultimately we will offer partners the opportunity to apply for certification and to make certified extensions for sale via Qlik Market as appropriate.  More about this later.

  • Qlik NPrinting September 2017
    • Report Cycles - Generate a separate report file for each combination of one or more dimension values. Each report will be filtered according with the combination of values that generates it.
    • Report Export/Import - It is possible to export a report into a compressed file and import it into a different installation of Qlik NPrinting.
    • Object filters for Qlik Sense Charts - Allows you to apply a filter to a single object like a chart without applying that filter to it objects in the report. It can also be used to block filtering of an object so that even though the rest of the report has filters applied, that object doesn't.