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Qlik Sense September 2017 is now available from our Customer Download Site.    You can also try out many of the new capabilities in Qlik Sense Cloud‌ where you can use Qlik Sense Cloud Basic for free or try Qlik Sense Cloud Business with a free 30 day trial.

You will find many new features and capabilities in this release including:

      • For Business Users
        • Waterfall Chart - You can now illustrate how an initial value is affected by intermediate positive and negative values with the new waterfall chart. For example, you can show the positive and negative contributions of different accounts in an income statement.
        • Recent Colors- The color picker in Qlik Sense now displays the five most recent colors selected in Qlik Sense
        • Expression Driven Labels – Provides the ability to use expressions in labels for dimensions and measures in property pane.  E.g. This allows you to add dynamically calculated values into the labels on your charts.
        • Box Plot Chart Improvements – Addition of lasso and range selection, reference lines, and vertical orientation in the box plot chart that was introduced in June.
        • Pivot Table Improvements – Ability to expand and collapse all items within a pivot table.
        • Data Manager Sequential Operations - Improvements to Data manager enable you to perform sequential transformations on your tables and fields. Where previously you were limited in what transformations you could perform together, such as being able to apply a single data profiling card transformation on a single field, you can now use the data profiling cards, concatenation, calculated fields, and unpivoting data together.
      • For Administrators
        • Centralized Logging - With the introduction of shared persistence, all nodes now have direct access to a common database and file system. The new Qlik Logging Service allows administrators to configure logs to be centralized by collecting all the messages and inserting them into a PostgreSQL database to help find issues and analyze usage.
        • Qlik Sense Mobile -  This option is only available for customers who have an MDM app store hosted in-house and who have deployed Qlik Sense Enterprise.  The Qlik Sense Mobile app can be downloaded from

      • For Developers
        • Hierarchical Data API - A new hierarchical data API enables a definition that more closely reflects the visual representation of data. Benefits of the new API: Ensures little to no manipulation or transformation of data structure in the front end. / Simplifies the creation of charts./ Enables more powerful and dynamic charts.
        • Visualization API Update – Addition of new waterfall chart.
        • Extension Certification Pilot - Initial implementation of a new process for certifying extensions for Qlik Sense.. This is a limited implementation but ultimately we will offer partners the opportunity to apply for certification and to make certified extensions for sale via Qlik Market.

Attached you will find a document which outlines these features as well as an overall view of the improvements that have been released over the past 12 months. 


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