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The week is just starting, but it’s already full of excitement.  Yesterday we kicked off QlikWorld Online with our product keynote, where we outlined our vision for Active Intelligence and provided a peek of what’s coming next.     And today we are pleased to announce an end-to-end product release from data integration to data analytics, for both SaaS and client-managed offerings, delivering value across the analytics data pipeline.    

Starting with Data Integration, this release delivers key capabilities that expand business value across multiple use cases.  

  • Qlik Replicate May 2021 now has more endpoints (data connectivity) including  SAP HANA log-based CDC, SAP mainframe RDBMS support, Kafka improvements with Confluent Schema Registry, Google Big Query support for cluster tables, and new global transformation capabilities.  

  • Qlik Enterprise Manager introduces new audit trail APIs for greater governance. 

  • Qlik Compose focuses on improving the user experience and performance of Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, and adding support for Azure Synapse data types such as NVARCHAR.


Within Data Analytics, today’s release of Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed edition (Windows / on-premise) provides some of the same great innovations recently released to Qlik Sense SaaS, but there are also some unique platform updates specific to Windows that provide expanded support, better performance, and improved UI.  

Much of today’s release offers features and capabilities hat have already released into our SaaS edition over the past few months. These include improvements to Insight Advisor Search and Chat, visualizations, connectors, and more.    Since the transition to continuous delivery, we are hearing positive feedback from our customers on our accelerated delivery to cloud approach, offering new capabilities each week to drive greater value from our SaaS offering.  For a complete recap of recent features delivered to SaaS, subscribe to RSS SaaS change log on our help site. You can also quickly experience some of these features for yourself by viewing our SaaS in 60 Playlist on YouTube.

The May 2021 release helps our customers continue their journey to Active Intelligence evolving from passive data consumption to informed action – starting with data working with any Qlik Sense Edition.

To stay informed on “what’s new” and what’s next, check out – our one-stop web page for everything related to product innovation and direction. 

NOTE: During QlikWorld, don’t miss the product strategy and roadmap breakout session with Kathy Hickey, Ian Crosland, and Bob Vecchione to better understand how we are delivering on our vision of Active Intelligence. 

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