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Qlik Introduces a New Era of Visualization! READ ALL ABOUT IT

The subtle yet significant addition of Tabular Reporting, one of the most requested features, is finally here.

Tabular reporting capabilities have been a fundamental aspect of Qlik’s reporting software dating back to QlikView. At its core, it enables users to organize and share data with stakeholders in structured table formats. There’s a reason people still love and use Excel.

So — what exactly is Tabular Reporting with Qlik Cloud? What can it be used for? What is the state of this technology today? Let’s get into it.

Customers now have the capabilities to conquer those ever-present report distribution requirements. Whether you need paginated tables of sales/transactional data or repeated sheets of departmental analysis directly within an application in Qlik Cloud, we've got you covered.

With the introduction of Tabular Reporting, report developers can create custom highly formatted XLS or PDF documents from Qlik data and visualizations.

Governed Report Tasks can burst reports to any stakeholder, ensuring that the Qlik platform serves as the source for your business decisions, customer communications, and more.

Highlights of Tabular Reporting:

Create dynamic tabular reports by combining the Qlik add-in for Microsoft Excel with report preparation features available within a Qlik Sense app.

Deliver report output by email and to folders defined in Microsoft SharePoint connections. Reports can be in .xlsx or PDF format.

Define report templates of Qlik data and visualizations and produce reports in PDF and Excel.

Share branded, presentation-ready burst reports with internal and external stakeholders, with the self-service subscription ability to set up alerts.

Manage in-app distribution lists to support burst distribution to any internal or external stakeholder.

Control with governed report task control from within an integrated report preparation experience.

Qlik Cloud Reporting capabilities will continue to expand with new features and functions that enhance collaboration and enable users to leverage insights derived from reports across their organizations.

Ready to learn how to use these collaborative and tabular reporting features and want hands-on workshops? Join us in Orlando for Qlik Connect in June. You will even get insight into future releases during our roadmap sessions.

Want to ‘keep tabs’ on Tabular Reporting and other Qlik Cloud Reporting updates on the horizon?