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Shifts in packaging & pricing

As April dawns upon us, get ready to witness a total solar eclipse, celebrate the beauty of cherry blossoms, and brace for some new changes in reporting services.


If you have been ‘keeping tabs’ on the latest in Qlik Cloud Reporting, you probably have heard by now about some exciting new features, hint, hint tabular reporting.

In the latest news, it’s time to say goodbye to complex pricing tiers and leave behind any worries about exceeding your reporting limits. It’s all about striking a balance…

Complex tiers are out…and simple ‘Small and Large Add-On Packs’ are in to replace them, alongside standardized limits for easier management.

The following tiers of Reporting Services are being retired: Startup, Scaleup, Premier, Premier add-on.

In reality, these tiers felt too complex and honestly just a little confusing.

Current User-Based customers can now purchase ‘Small and Large Add-On Packs’. While those on current Capacity model will continue with the existing numbers until their contract ends.


Increased Reports in Included Tier

We're boosting the quantity of reports in the Included tier from 100 to 1000, giving you more room to prepare, and distribute your reports.


New Default Values for Premium and Enterprise Tiers

As part of these changes, we're also introducing new default values for the Premium and Enterprise tiers of the Capacity model, ensuring a smoother and more tailored experience.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.05.51 AM.pngBig picture

Now that you're up to speed on these changes...

From April onwards, those who have purchased Reporting Services and find themselves needing more than their allotted amount, can easily purchase additional reports to keep things running smoothly.

This means you might hit a roadblock, – if you want to expand, just reach out to your sales team.

You can check your usage on the Qlik Management Console's home screen, putting you firmly in control of your reporting requirements.

And for those who haven't jumped on board yet, get ready for a boost – your monthly cap is increasing to 1,000 reports, up from the previous 100.

These updates have been designed to streamline your reporting experience, enhance transparency, have control over your usage, and deliver more value than ever before.

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