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Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Hyderabad and meet some of the Academic Program Partner Universities there.  Hyderabad, as a city in particular has been quite engaged towards the academic program. Its also where the first Centre of Excellence in Analytics of the Academic Program was set up in VJIT.

This time around plan was to visit VJIT, Anurag University, NMIMS Hyderabad and BVRIT. 

After I landed at the airport,  I headed straight to VJIT and like I said, this is a special relationship on account of the fact that the first CoE was set up and also we've had hundreds of students registering into the academic program and getting qualified as Qlik Sense Business Analysts and Data Architects from here. I met with the educators who are active in teaching students data analytics and related subjects and thereafter, addressed over 100 students in an auditorium

VJIT visit2.jfif

Thereafter, I proceeded towards the campus of NMIMS which is one of top private universities in India with multiple campuses across the country, including Hyderabad.  A very special reason to visit NMIMS was Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh with whom the association began when he was with VJIT and instrumental in setting up the CoE and is now the Director of the NMIMS campus.  After meeting him, it was nice to address a student crowd of around 100 who are pursuing their MBA studies.  Various initiatives were discussed and the immediate one was to conduct a small hands on session on Qlik Sense for the students which is being organised on October 2nd. .

NMIMS pic.png

On the next day, I visited Anurag University and the Educators along with members of the Data Analytics Club. The University  had organised a session with students to encourage their participation into the academic program. The Data Analytics Club which comprises of student members is a wonderful initiative to support the exchange of ideas in analytics and foster this subject among students.  It was nice to address a large gathering of students and talk about various developments in analytics and also about the free resources of the academic program.

Anurag pic2.JPG

Next was a visit to BVRIT which is an all girls Engineering Institution. With BVRIT, we' ve had a special engagement due to the fact that a couple of years back, few students were recruited from the campus by a Qlik Partner, Diagonal. These students had completed the Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualification and basis that, they were hired by Diagonal. During this visit, I interacted with the Director and other Educators and addressed a group of students. Most of them were learning data analytics as a specialised subject in their course. 

Overall, an engaging and fruitful visit to Hyderabad!  Look forward to embarking on the various initiatives discussed. 

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