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Former Employee
Former Employee

"Because Qlik's visualizations are so fast, it allows our students to adjust them at the speed of their curiosity. This allows us to focus on analyzing and making sense of the data and the Qlik Academic Program gives us the tools to do that."

Previously I shared a webinar with one of our Educators, Danny Najera from Green River College. Danny's use case for Qlik is unique and we have had a great time hearing from him about how he and his students use Qlik and the Academic Program. Recently we sat down with Danny to put together a case study and we are thrilled to share the results! The case study focuses on his teachings and how specifically Qlik and the Academic Program have aided him on his quest to ensure that students are focusing on the data, and not struggling with the data tools.

Read the full here here and if you didn't already get a chance to watch his webinar, check it out!

Educators and students who wish to benefit from the program like Green River can apply today by visiting

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