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This week the spotlight is on Angelika Klidas as we introduce you to the second member of our inaugural class of professor ambassadors. 

Angelika’s journey with Qlik began in 2008 when she started out installing and managing a successful QlikView Competence Center as a team manager of the team. Since then, she has always been a huge Qlik advocate in both her day job and her university teaching. Angelika is currently responsible for setting up the Education Branch and is a strategical  Data & Analytics advisor at 2Foqus a commercial Data & Analytics company. She also teaches Data and Analytics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She is a conceptual thinker who lives by the phrase “think big, act small, and scale fast” which she uses to inspire others to evolve in their use of data and analytics.

Angelika applied to become a Professor Ambassador with the Qlik Academic Program as she is passionate about educating students in data analytics and championing the cause of data literacy.


In Angelika’s words, “I love the power of grey, love the academic program and the great benefit that it gives to me and my students. My students are able to pursue their dreams when they want to work in the Data & Analytics work field.”

She further adds, “One of the best ways to prepare my students for the real world is to train them in the tools they'll use on the job. That's why I use Qlik Sense in the classroom. The first week of every semester, I invite all my students to join the Qlik Academic Program. They get a free subscription to Qlik's full suite of software, and access to online resources like interactive business cases and instructional material. My students can augment what they learn in my class with the online courses offered by Qlik Continuous Classroom. It's a way of getting them up to speed even faster.

I use Qlik in the classroom because it is the best BI tool I've found. It is state of the art and easy to use. It gets out of the way and lets my students learn the craft of business intelligence. “

Angelika’s teaching style is a combination of theory and practice where along with classroom teaching she give real life data to students in a role playing exercise. Students go on to present their dashboards along with Qlik representatives. Selected students stand a chance to be offered a job in an organization or through her network, Angelika recommends partners to hire select students.

We are looking forward to working closely with Angelika during her tenure as an ambassador and to creating more links with Universities in the Netherlands. For more information about our Ambassador Program please visit:

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