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It’s my pleasure to introduce Sukanta Ghosh who is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Applications, at Lovely Professional University located in Punjab, India.  He teaches courses related to Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Machine Learning, and has been selected as part of Qlik’s inaugural class of Professor Ambassadors.

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Sukanta describes his passion to be an Ambassador in his own words: “This is an opportunity where a diverse type of work is involved, it allows you to develop skills you already have as well as gain new ones. Professor Ambassadors are typically confident, dynamic, and strong communicators which means this is another opportunity for skills and knowledge transfer.” Also, the fact that he is able to network with likeminded individuals is a big plus. He feels this entire learning experience can be transferred to students and help them grow. Clearly, being able to exchange knowledge with other ambassadors and representatives of Qlik are one of the important reasons why Sukanta Ghosh chose to be an ambassador.

Sukanta believes these types of programs are important as data and analytics are a persistent part of our lives. Whether we fill in a form with our personal details to take part in a raffle, or whether we control the lights and the heating in our apartment with an app, data is everywhere. Emphasizing the importance of data literacy, he feels that we need to be data literate to be a responsible consumer and a citizen with mature judgments in order to make informed decisions even when it comes to our own personal data. In addition, he says “we need to be data literate to be able to make informed data-driven decisions. From a professional perspective, we need to be data literate because our future jobs and our competitive advantage depends on data literacy.” 

As a Professor Ambassador of the Qlik Academic Program Sukanta plans to conduct relevant seminars and workshop to promote Qlik and Data Analytics among students. He also plans to conduct competitive events so that students can test their data analytics knowledge. He feels that as an ambassador, he will be able to introduce more students to Data Analytics and the Qlik Academic Program. 

We are glad to have Sukanta on board to help us achieve our vision of a data literate world, and we are looking forward to seeing how he supports other educators and students on their journey.