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In 2023 the World Economic Forum published it's Future of Jobs report in which it detailed the most in demand skills for the future. Now that it’s the start of 2024, its worth considering what these skills are and making it your goal to upskill in 2024.

The report forecasts that between now and 2027, businesses predict that 44% of workers’ core skills will be disrupted, because technology is moving faster than companies can design and scale up their training programs. Our Academic Program gives the students of today a chance to get to grips with our industry leading took Qlik Sense, so that they arrive in the workplace a step ahead of the rest and ready to thrive. By using the program to supplement their university courses, they can arrive with the skills needed in the modern-day workplace and save the time and cost of upskilling later.  Students can train on the learning resources built by us and used by customers and partners to get themselves workplace ready.



When the World Economic Forum ran this survey in 2023, they created a list of the top 10 skills deemed to be the most important at the time of survey. These are a mix of cognitive skills, self-efficacy, management skills, technology skills and working with others. Number six on the list was technological literacy, however when they looked at skills on the rise in the next five years, technological literacy moved up to number three. This skill is the third fastest growing core skill, and it refers to the knowledge and ability required to effectively and responsibly use technology tools and resources. Many individuals at university are already learning to acquire and communicate information in a fully digital environment. But they will need to transfer these skills to a professional workplace and be expected to interpret this information into insights to inform business decisions. Most business are now using data solutions in order to support this process; students will need to go into the workplace with an understanding of how this technology works.

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In addition to the need for candidates with technological literacy, the future workplace needs workers who are also skilled in AI and big data. Ranked number seventh for fastest growing skill, AI and big data will see a 60% growth in demand by 2027. As part of the Qlik academic program, members can start to train on Qlik Sense, our market leading tool for data analytics. By following some of the short training videos and learning about basic functionality, students can go into the workplace with an understanding of the benefits of data solutions and show their employers they have taken the initiative to upskill themselves in big data.

The Qlik academic program offers a fantastic opportunity for students to start their professional learning journey in data and technology and leave university in the next few years with the skills needed in the workplace. Our courses on data literacy support the hard and soft skills needed in the future workplace. Even if you are student pursuing a course outside of IT, taking a couple of free courses in data visualizations and data literacy could help you become more employable after university. If you’re unsure of where to start with your 2024 learning journey, then the best thing to do is to take our data literacy persona assessment, and then explore some of the courses that interest you.  To start accessing these courses go to, and apply to our free program.