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The Digital Revolution is first on the list of the 8 biggest challenges for universities in 2021 according to Anna Britten’s recent article for University Business. Even though university staff and students have had time to adapt to the new digital way of working throughout 2020, there are still plenty more things to consider for the future. Like which aspects of teaching should remain online and what should return to face to face? And which parts of the universities need to catch up with the digital transformation?

While the teaching staff work through these questions, and as many universities remain closed for now, here at Qlik we have been thinking of ways in which we can help to lighten the load of educators. We want to continue to inspire students to become data literate even if we cannot see them on campus in person. To facilitate this, we have pre-recorded a guest lecture, broken down into short segments which cover:

  • The importance of Analytics
  • An introduction to Qlik and Qlik Sense
  • An introduction to the Qlik Academic Program
  • Qlik customer stories and demos.


As well as the guest lecture, there is also a hands-on workshop that the students can access to build their first application in Qlik Sense.

These resources are available to all our educator members of the Qlik Academic Program. They have already been used in teaching at University of Sheffield, University of Liverpool and Henley Business School and we hope that many others will take advantage of them.

If you are a university educator and would like access to the guest lecture, in addition to free Qlik software, on demand training and qualifications, sign up today at