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The University of Worcester has successfully implemented the Qlik Academic Program into its Data-Driven Decisions module, to help prepare students for the future workplace. The module is led by Warren Wright and the Qlik embedded segments taught by Richard Wilkinson, a Senior Lecturer in Computing at the university who first joined the Qlik Academic Program in 2019. 

After taking the free Qlik Sense training offered as part of the program himself, Richard decided that it would be useful for his students to get hands-on too. As part of their course assessment, students had to analyse a data set of their choice in Qlik Sense, and to present their discoveries. Chosen topics varied from analysis on how Birmingham City Football Club can maximise ticket revenue, to how companies such as BP and Starbucks can use company data to drive business decisions.

Students have given positive feedback on their first experiences using Qlik, with overall satisfaction increasing to 80% compared to 66.6% in the past when another analytics platform was used. And Richard plans to integrate Qlik into more of his modules for the 2020/2021 academic year. Richard commented “We are all making increasingly more data-driven decisions, so university experiences like this help to prepare students for the digital workplace and enable them to thrive.” 

You can read the full case study in the attachment included with this post.

The Qlik Academic Program works to address the analytics skills shortage by providing university students, lecturers and researchers with free Qlik Sense software, training and qualifications to help educate and train the next generation of experts leading with data. If you are a university student or academic looking to up-skill, sign up today!